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During the COVID-19 outbreak, we are taking every precaution to assure that everyone who enters our office is safe. If you are concerned about any symptoms that you or a family member may have, please don't hesitate to call us, or contact us through your patient portal. For more about COVID-19 in our area, go to https://provmedgroup.com/coronavirus.html

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"The staff were very caring. I felt like I was in good hands . . . I'm so glad I made the appointment. You all are making a difference in people's lives. Thank you."

"A great experience. Everyone there is fantastic!" William Moran, M.D., Psy.D.

"Love the staff and Dr Opsahl. I never feel rushed and all my concerns are addressed. I am blessed to have such caring individuals for my health needs."


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Welcome to Waynesville Health Care, where Dr. Paul Opsahl, Family Nurse Practitioner Kristen Schwieterman and an experienced professional staff provide you and your family with complete health care and wellness services.

Board certified in family medicine, Dr. Opsahl has served area families for many years with thorough, conscientious care and an appreciation for all factors that impact well-being, including spiritual, emotional and environmental concerns.

  • Our practice provides diabetes patients with a full spectrum of treatment alternatives and self-management instruction.
  • Dr. Opsahl also maintains a special interest in geriatric medicine.

Video visits are available now!
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  • Waynesville Health Care
  • Waynesville Health Care
  • Waynesville Health Care

Dr. Paul Opsahl serves in area professional groups dedicated to promoting best practices in family medicine. He is an active member of the Waynesville community, and is recognized for his outstanding service through Christian mission work.

Dr. Opsahl is board certified in family medicine, and maintains hospital affiliations with Kettering Medical Center and Sycamore Hospital. He received his degree from the University of Cincinnati, School of Medicine, and performed his internship locally at St. Elizabeth Medical Center.

Our professional staff includes Family Nurse Practitioner Kristen Schwieterman. Kristen provides complete clinical care — including treatment of illness and injuries, routine check-ups, disease prevention, and diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions for patients of all ages. In addition, she has special clinical experience in women's wellness, surgical recovery, and in treating children.

As a vital member of our care provider team, Kristen also plays an important role in actively counseling our patients on ways to better manage their own health to help assure long-term wellness.

Waynesville Health Care is recognized by the NCQA as meeting PCMH 2011 patient-centered medical home standards.

At a Patient-Centered Medical Home, your health care team focuses on you, providing prompt, cost-efficient care, on-going wellness and better outcomes. It’s where you and your family work in partnership with a supportive team of medical professionals to ensure a lifetime of quality health care.

Skip the waiting room — visit your doctor over video!

Ideal for: Follow-up visits  •  Medication questions  •  Lab & test results  •  General questions

How a video visit works
• Schedule appointment  — Schedule your video visit directly with the front desk staff or your online patient portal. 
• Confirm your info — Look out for an email or text and log into Providence Medical Group/Chiron Health to confirm your info using your favorite device.
• See your doctor — Log in 15 minutes before your video visit and be prepared with questions for your doctor.

Tips for a great video visit
• Wi-Fi or a wired connection is strongly preferred for a great video visit experience.
• Use headphones — it cuts down on background noise and helps keep the conversation with your doctor private
• Hold tight! Sometimes we run a few minutes behind.

Why see my doctor over video?  Video visits allow you to conveniently meet with your doctor over secure video, from the location of your choice. This lets you skip the waiting room, and saves you a trip to the doctor’s office.

What do I need for my video visit?  You can use a computer, tablet, or a smartphone such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Search for 'Providence Medical TeleMedicine' in the app store on your mobile device, or go to your Patient Portal from your computer. You’ll also need a valid credit card.

How much will my video visit cost?  Video visits are typically covered by your regular health insurance — you’ll enter your credit card information before the appointment and will be charged the same co-pay as an in-person visit.

Is my video visit secure?  Yes! The video technology uses ban-grade encryption. However, make sure you find a quiet, private place in your home or office for your appointment.

To request your Video Appointment please call our office at (513) 897-0085, or go to your Patient Portal.


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If you need to reach your provider after our office is closed, please call (513) 897-0085.
Non-emergent calls will be returned within one to two business days.

  • Improving the Quality of Care

Improving the quality of care among our patient communities

At Waynesville Health Care, our goal is to continue to improve the health and wellness of all our patients.

We measure our progress by tracking the care and treatment of groups of patients who are at risk for common or chronic conditions — here are some important at-risk factors that we carefully monitor:

Flu Vaccinations
Patients 65 years of age or older who received an influenza vaccination during the measurement period.

          2018:  59%                   2017:  53%

Pneumococcal Vaccination Status
Measure identifies Medicare members 65 years of age or older who have ever received a pneumococcal vaccination.

          2018:  60%                   2017:  59%

Blood Pressure Control
Patients 18 to 59 years of age with hypertension whose blood pressure is less than 140/90.

          2018:  79%                   2017:  77%

If you are at-risk for a chronic or other potentially harmful condition, please make sure you consult with your health care provider to set up a test or screening schedule to monitor your progress!


Vital health screenings! Find out below the important preventive services for people just like you.

Then, check back with us to discuss which are the most important steps to help assure your health and wellness — it's fast and easy!