COVID-19 vaccinations are available at our practice.

To make an appointment for us to administer the Moderna vaccine, please call our office.
Here are some important points to remember:
• We have a limited number of vaccine doses, so please make your appointment soon.
• The Moderna vaccine is approved for ages 18 and over.
• COVID-19 vaccinations are at no charge to you.
• The vaccine is administered in two doses; during your first inoculation visit, we'll schedule you for the second shot four weeks later.

COVID-19 testing is also available through our practice.

Centerville Family Practice & Rheumatology

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Office Hours:  8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday; first Saturday of each month 8:00 am - 12:45 pm.

Call for appointments between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Schedule an appointment anytime through your Patient Portal. If you need to reach your provider after our office is closed, please call (937) 434-7353. Non-emergent calls will be returned within one to two business days.

Same day appointments — Call or schedule online through your Patient Portal.

New Patients Welcome — Register online. No preliminary office visit needed.

To request a video appointment, call (937) 434-7353 or go to your Patient Portal

Welcome to Centerville Family Practice & Rheumatology, where you'll find personalized, compassionate primary care for patients of all ages, including minor office surgery, immunizations, EKGs, pap smears, and lab work, as well as annual wellness visits and school, workplace and sports physicals. 

Rheumatologist Dr. William Venanzi offers complete care for most types of arthritis and related joint pain, scleroderma, lupus and all other rheumatic disorders.

New patients are always welcome; most major insurance plans are accepted.

"Your staff was BY FAR the nicest group of medical staffing I have ever come in contact with! I've also never met a doctor that I like as much as Dr. Gleick. He was nothing short of fantastic. I highly, highly recommend him as well as this practice."

MJ Marretta-Lewis  did an excellent job answering all of my questions & explaining them in a way that I could easily understand. She was professional and thorough and made me feel at ease from the moment she came through the door. I was extremely pleased with my care and would recommend her to family and friends without hesitation."

"Every one there was very nice and caring. Dr. Venanzi is an amazing doctor! His nurse, Gloria, told me I could call anytime with any questions or problems."

  • Centerville Family Practice
  • Centerville Family Practice
  • Centerville Family Practice

Board certified in family medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Gleick has been providing care for families in our region for over twenty years, including most recently family practices in Miamisburg and Beavercreek. In describing his approach to care, Dr. Gleick emphasizes compassion and careful attention to each patient, noting "Listening to patients is very important, and so is communicating clearly. I like to keep things down to earth — humor helps, too. All of these characteristics help build a sense of trust and confidence."

Dr. Gleick received his medical degree from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, and completed his residency at Bethesda Hospital Family Practice. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice. Notably, Dr. Gleick was awarded the honor of 'Kentucky Colonel' by Kentucky Governor Paul Patton, in recognition of his volunteer care for underserved patient populations.

MJ Marretta-Lewis, APRN — FNP-C
Please welcome to our professional staff Certified Nurse Practitioner MJ Marretta-Lewis. With over 15 years of experience, MJ provides complete clinical care for patients of all ages, including treatment of illness and injuries, disease prevention, diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions, and annual check-ups and wellness visits. She also plays a vital role in actively counseling our patients on ways to better manage their own health to help assure long-term wellness.

MJ offers extensive experience in diabetes treatment as well, contributing to Centerville Family Practice’s NCQA-recognized program of diabetes care. She also provides younger patients with a strong background in pediatric medicine.

In addition, MJ specializes in the wellness and development of children on the autistic spectrum, with services that include individual counseling, self-help programs, and community-based projects that help autistic children adapt to their social environment.

"I believe in a holistic approach to care – considering every aspect of a patient’s well-being, and partnering with them to encourage step-by-step improvements in healthy behaviors and lifestyle.”

To schedule an immediate appointment with MJ Marretta-Lewis, please call (937) 434-7353

Centerville Family Practice is recognized by the NCQA as meeting PCMH 2011 Patient-Centered Medical Home standards.

At a Patient-Centered Medical Home, your health care team focuses on you, providing prompt, cost-efficient care, on-going wellness and better outcomes. It's where you and your family work in partnership with a supportive team of medical professionals to ensure a lifetime of quality health care.

A board-certified rheumatologist and Fellow of the American College of Rheumatology, Dr. Venanzi brings over 25 years experience to his new practice. 

His approach to patient care reflects this experience; he sees trust and mutual understanding as being key to the best possible care. “In working with each patient, knowledge is so important — it is vital that the patient is fully educated about his or her condition and the treatment choices available, and that I completely understand every aspect of their health and lifestyle goals before recommending a course of action. From that foundation, we can build a true partnership in better health and well-being.”

Prior to private practice, Dr. Venanzi served with distinction in the United States Air Force, receiving numerous citations as a Flight Surgeon, with over 300 hours of combat flight time, and as a top-level physician and administrator, including service as Chief of the Medical Staff of the 88th Medical Group at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.   

Dr. Venanzi is an honors graduate of Loyola College, Baltimore, Maryland, and received his medical degree at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. In addition to medical practice, he is an experienced educator, serving most recently as an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine.

Dr. Venanzi and his family are long-time residents of Centerville, Ohio, and remain active members of the community.

Skip the waiting room — visit your own provider over video!

Secure video appointments are ideal for follow-up visits, medication questions, test results or general questions. And they're perfect when you need immediate medical attention from a trusted provider and you can't visit your doctor's office in person. All you need is access to a video-capable computer, tablet or smartphone.

To request a video appointment, call (937) 434-7353 or go to your Patient Portal


How to schedule your video visit

Log in to your online Providence Patient Portal. If you don’t have a Portal, click here to create one — it takes just a few minutes.

From your Portal on a computer

1. Click on the ‘Appointments’ tab

2. Click on ‘Secure Online Video’

3. Select the day for your desired appointment.

From your Portal on a smartphone

1. Go to the patient portal, and click on the ‘Appointments’ tab.

2. Click on ‘Schedule New Appointment’.

3. From the ‘Specialty’ menu, select ‘Family Medicine’ or, if applicable, ‘Pediatric Medicine’.

4. From the ‘Reason for visit’ menu, select ‘Secure Online Video Appointment’.

5. Choose from the available appointments to schedule with a Providence Medical Group provider. Note that the practice name and address is listed above the provider name.

How to begin your video visit

• After you've made your appointment, watch for an email or text that includes a link to the Providence Telemedicine web page or to download the 'Providence Medical TeleMedicine' mobile app. You can then set up your user profile.

• Before your appointment, log in to your video visit with your computer, tablet, or a smartphone such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android device — find the app 'Providence Medical TeleMedicine' on your mobile device, or click here from your computer. You'll also need a valid credit card.

• Please log in 15 minutes before your video visit and be prepared with questions for your doctor.

Tips for a great video visit

• Wi-Fi or a wired connection is strongly preferred for a great video visit experience.

• Use headphones — it cuts down on background noise and helps keep the conversation with your doctor private


New Patient Online Registration

It takes only a few minutes to register online as a new patient!

Please note that these steps are for new patient registration only.

  1. Click on Patient Portal. From the Providence Medical Group Patient Portal landing page, click on ‘Don't have an account? Sign up today to stay connected to your healthcare.’
  2. Fill in the required information and complete the security verification.
  3. You will then be asked to confirm your identity with a verification code sent to you via email, phone or text message.
  4. Once confirmed, you may select your new healthcare provider and practice location from the dropdown menus.
  5. You will be asked to set a password — when your password is confirmed, you will be directed to your own personalized, secure Patient Portal. You are now registered as a patient!
  6. You may now schedule your first appointment right away if you wish.
    If you would like to wait to schedule your initial appointment, you may return to your patient portal at any time to do so.

If you have any questions about the registration process, or your new Patient Portal, please call (937) 297-8999.

Established Providence patients are eligible for fast and thorough COVID-19 testing through our practice. Please call us if you'd like a COVID-19 testing appointment.

If you believe you have COVID-19 symptoms — Click here for Providence's procedures for COVID-19 testing for symptomatic patients.

If you need to be tested for COVID-19, but do not have symptoms — Click here for Providence's procedures for COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic patients.

If you or a family member has COVID-19 symptoms, or believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, please contact us right away.

To make a flu shot appointment, call 937-434-7353, or schedule through your patient portal.
If accessing your patient portal on your smartphone, choose ‘Labcenterville’ as your provider.

  • Improving the Quality of Care

Improving the quality of care among our patient communities

At Centerville Family Practice, our goal is to continue to improve the health and wellness of all our patients.

We measure our progress by tracking the care and treatment of groups of patients who are at risk for common or chronic conditions — here are some important at-risk factors that we carefully monitor:

Blood Pressure Control
Patients 18 to 59 years of age with hypertension whose blood pressure is less than 140/90.

          2018:  68%                   2017:  76%

Pneumococcal Vaccination Status
Measure identifies Medicare members 65 years of age or older who have ever received a pneumococcal vaccination.

          2018:  77%                   2017:  80%

Colorectal Cancer Screening
Patients 51 to 75 years of age who have received one or more screenings for colorectal cancer.

          2018:  84%                   2017:  85%

If you are at-risk for a chronic or other potentially harmful condition, please make sure you consult with your health care provider to set up a test or screening schedule to monitor your progress!


Vital health screenings! Find out below the important preventive services for people just like you. Then, check back with us to discuss which are the most important steps to help assure your health and wellness — it's fast and easy!