Your annual Preventive Medicine Wellness Visit is so important —it allows your healthcare provider to discover potential illness before serious issues arise. It’s quick, easy and tells you so much about your health!

Have you observed any new health issues recently? A wellness visit is perfect for having an uninterrupted discussion with your provider, and freely raise concerns about your ongoing health and wellness.

Your visit will be covered by your medical insurance at no charge to you in most cases.

What happens at a wellness visit?
• Your visit will include a review of medical history, medications and treatment, and a check of overall health.

• Your provider will discuss basic health needs, including immunizations or screenings you may require.

• You’ll receive personalized preventive health care steps and ways to take better care of yourself.

A wellness visit is the ideal time to update your health records, and take into account any changes since your last visit and any results of recent screenings or tests. This allows your provider to make more informed decisions about changes to your treatment plan and other recommendations.

All about Medicare annual wellness visits
If you've had Medicare Part B for longer than 12 months, you qualify for a yearly wellness visit to develop or update your personalized plan to help prevent disease or disability, based on your current health and risk factors.

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Your annual wellness visit includes:

  • A health risk assessment (questions you answer about your health)
  • A review of your medical and family history
  • Developing or updating a list of your current providers and prescriptions
  • Documenting your height, weight, blood pressure and other routine measurements
  • Looking for signs of memory loss or dementia
  • Personalized health advice just for you
  • A list of risk factors and treatment options for you
  • A screening schedule (like a checklist) for the preventive services recommended for you

Everyone enrolled in either traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans are eligible for an annual wellness visit at no cost to you. Some Medicare Advantage plans also offer a comprehensive annual physical exam at no additional cost.

While Medicare Part B covers an annual wellness visit, you may have to pay coinsurance or a deductible if your provider performs additional tests or services during the same visit that Medicare doesn't cover under this preventive benefit.

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Your child’s annual wellness visit
A child wellness visit allows your pediatrician to examine your child overall health, assess their physical and emotional needs, support their growth and development, and intervene quickly if any issues arise.

Show More... • Your child’s wellness visit includes a complete check-up of growth and development, and includes any necessary immunizations.

• A wellness visit covers your child for any required school or sports physical.

• We’ll offer you tools and information that you can use to support your child’s ongoing health.

As with an adult wellness visit, most health insurance covers child annual wellness appointments at no charge to you.

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Will I need a blood draw before my Wellness Visit?
The annual wellness visit does not include routine blood tests; however, to save you time and offer more comprehensive care, your provider may request blood tests and combine your wellness visit with testing follow-up.

Routine blood testing is covered by most health insurance, including Medicare, depending upon the medical diagnosis associated with the order. Check with your carrier for coverage, including possible copayment/coinsurance.

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