Man up — Fight back against the top men's health threats

June is Men’s Health Month; it’s the perfect time to face down these health challenges —

Heart disease is the leading men's health threat. Take charge of heart health with these important steps:
•   Don't smoke   •   Include physical activity in your daily routine  
•   Eat a healthy diet—plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, high-fiber foods     and lean sources of protein, such as fish 
•   Manage chronic conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes  
•   Maintain a healthy weight   •   Limit alcohol   •   Take steps to reduce stress

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Cancer — of particular concern to men are lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. Tips to reduce cancer risk include:
•   Don't smoke   •    Maintain a healthy weight  
•   Exercise—not only helps to control weight, physical activity on its own may lower the risk of certain types of cancer)  
•   Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables   •   Protect yourself from the sun  
•   Limit alcohol—the risk of cancer of the colon, lung, kidney and liver increases with the amount of alcohol you drink  
Take early detection seriously—consult your doctor about regular cancer screenings.

Chronic respiratory disease, including bronchitis and emphysema, are a big concern, particularly for men. To protect yourself
•   Don't smoke   •   Minimize exposure to pollutants including chemicals and outdoor air pollution.
•   Prevent respiratory infections—wash your hands often and get a yearly flu vaccine.
Check with your doctor to see if you need a pneumonia vaccine as well.

Stroke—some stroke risk factors are unavoidable, such as family history, but you can control other factors:
•   Manage chronic conditions—follow your doctor's recommendations for controlling high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes
•   Make healthy lifestyle choices—eat a healthy diet that limits foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol, and don’t forget to include physical activity in your daily routine
•   Don't smoke   •   Limit alcohol

Taking these simple steps to prevent the top health risks will go a long way to keeping men of all ages healthier and happier!  See your doctor if you are concerned about any health risks. Or, to find a physician near you, call the Providence Physician Referral Line at (937) 297-8999.